Monday, September 20, 2010

When the world is ruled by evil men

When it was thought that the world knew better .. then it got worse

Swedes voted. Social democrats and center-right wings are again very close, with no total majority (over 50%). With the center-right wings 5,7 percentage above the social-left (49,5 and 43,6, result list of the 8 parties here), they may collaborate with the green party to get total majority, but the greens said no (collaborates with the social-left). The number 5,7% is also what the far right wings got, meaning 20 seats in the parliament.

Sweden has had the reputation of being one of the countries with the most generous welfare system in the world, but have since 2006 a government who started to sell it at the market. As half of Swedens population still wants to have the government owned welfare system, this is a tricky situation where the center-right wing need to have majority to do huge regime shifts, something they don't have after this election. People I spoked with are concerned that only rich people can afford dentist, hospital and being not able to work, something that lead to demonstrations from the new-started group "Rika för Reinfeld" (Rich for Reinfeld, the prime minister, page at facebook) a group inspired by Billionaries for Bush, who use parady as a protest. Protest can also bee seen as 17,9 did not vote, meaning 1/5 of Sweden's population do not care? And of course the 5,7 % votes to the far right anti-immigration party, also shows that they are dissatisfied with the politics and can therefor also be seen as a protest. In facebook, a silent protest is ongoing too; "we like different" (vi gillar olika), a little sign that you can put on your profile picture to show that you disagree with the new parliament party.

And this is what it's all about. We are different. We vote different. Our believes are different. We like different groups of people to identify us with. But is then anyone evil or is it just different wills? And again, is it evil to exclude other? Well then we do that every time we create a group.

In this world, were we got so many problems, the Swedish election surprised me, because people still assume that capitalism can save the world, e.i that we can grow our way to sustainability? Tragedy of the commons occur when people only think of their own profit, but when everyone thinks in this way, a huge drawback hits back; resources do end and everyone fails in the end. Without an overlaying system or plan, only the few with profit can survive, because they can move away from disasters, while the other have to struggle with what is left, e.i meaning make plans and systems so it can work in the long run. So an economic system that have as a goal to equalize differences (compare it to tragedy of the commons) in the arena just move the problem further away, meaning the less rich world. This is how profit works. To have a capitalistic way of look upon the world, means to see a huge gap between rich and poor. The capitalistic way of look upon the world would not work if cheap labor were not offered. Capitalism is based on inequality, and then inequality far away from what we have insight; in less wealthy countries. But as the system only works if it expand, meaning putting more people in this system, it is not working in the long turn, this is why liberalism has an end (discussion from Immanuel Wallerstein, see also post Hans Rosling and post Crash course).

Ok, well if capitalism is based on inequality and is doomed to crash.. why do we spend so much money to make it work?! That is just because it is easy to look upon, easy to understand, we just love numbers! And how can we measure without numbers? And again, we all just love to identify us with other people who have things we don't.

So if Sweden got a majority of people who likes capitalism, meaning Sweden helps the world to go more unequal, and in the same has another party that says no to immigration to those affected, can Sweden then be called selfish? Evil?
What is going on in the world? No one wants to see the whole, just the parts, but never together.. Is that evilness? Or just stupidity? And how can we work for another future when the best thing you can do as human, is to get rich?

Swedes voted and this is apparently what we want. By no means, political history is written by this election.

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