Sustainable city planning:

Green architecture
Urban agriculture  
  • Agricultural ubanism. Handbook for building sustainable food and agriculture systems in 21st century cities. (2010). Janine De La Salle, Mark Holland

Do it yourself

Sustainable economy and critism to current world order
  • The Value of Nothing: how to reshape market society and redefine democracy. (2011) Raj Ratel
  • Buy-ology: truth and lies about why we buy. (2010). Martin Lindstrom
  • Natural Capitalism: the next industrial revolution. (2010). Paul Hawken, Amory B. Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins
  • The ecology of commerce: a declaration of sustainability. (2010). Paul Hawken
  • Chaotics: the business of managing and marketing in the age of turbulence. (2009). Philip Kotler, John A. Caslione
  • Prosperity without growth: economics for a finite planet. (2009). Tim Jackson 
  • Panic: the story of modern financial insanity. (2009). Michael Lewis