Wednesday, September 13, 2017

LEAP Programme 2017

LEAP is a leadership program designed for entrepreneurship and systems change and is an initiative between the Stockholm Resilience Centre, at Stockholm University, and the Swedish Institute.

The initiative is based on the Stockholms Resilience Centre’s research on Planetary Boundaries, Resilience Thinking and Transformations to Sustainability. The program is structured over three integrated fields: human, social and planetary thriving.

Even if the application period is not open, the video show us how to be more optimistic about the future and that we can see the troubles as something that can be an eye-opener for collaboration and innovation.

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Speak like your idols, become what you want: Elaine Eksvard at TEDxSSE

The difference that makes the difference | Kjell Enhager | TEDxSSE

In Swedish: Ledarskap och Självkänsla

How you are as a leader is much correlated with how you see yourself. This little video shows us how our childhood shape our personality and how we act towards others. The video also points out on the importance of knowing where you are to better lead a group and to understand what others needs from you. You can always develop your self esteem, which is also very important to perform better as a leader.

MIRAGE: A Short Film about Arcosanti

Mirage from Edan Cohen on Vimeo .