Thursday, September 16, 2010

Critisism from mum

Last post, Learning by doing, was criticized from my mum. She is a pedagogue in cello teaching and was concerned how for example politicians can look upon such research. "What if they mean that teaching can be without teachers?" "Then I'm nothing worth any more".

Let's see if I can sort things here.
  • Tools, materials and a frame what the kids have to learn or the group wants to learn, is essential.
  • Trust to that group, what ever happens, is more than important.
  • Learning comes from doing. That is therefore crucial that both kids and adults in a learning process can try out different ways to come to an understanding.
  • Learning cello is doing by actually playing the cello, that is learning by doing, by trust from the teacher, family, friends and with a hand by tools (cello), materials (sheet, a space to be etc) and a frame (teacher, notes).
  • Learning chemistry in a lab is that too, as well as riding a horse, be in a team in the forest to learn rescue.. all these are something else than read about it in a book, or listen to a teacher; when you learn as long as you do.
We can call it to have a dialog with the instrument, or to the cello teacher and then back. It is also a dialog to talk with other people and sort thoughts and too have a feeling of being a part of a whole. This is communication in high level. This is about how we learn, how we interpret with our surroundings and how we look upon our world.

I don't think the world needs less teachers, but I think that the world needs better methods to teach. More pedagogues instead of lectures; for more understanding, more trust and better self-confidence. More dialog, discussions and practical learning for a deeper understanding and a better learning in the long run.

Because learning is doing, and doing is learning. That is what it's all about.

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