As problems increases in the world, so does solutions. We humans are good to talk, to make plans, to write books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, homepages, we are good to make short films, have opinions, set up conferences to discuss hot topic. Working time is used to talk around the problems or solutions rather than do. To talk about a new world order, or a happy, livable community is easier than to make a change.

 I can admitt, I'm not better myself, I also talk alot, or writes in this blog.. Sure, I do as good as I can in my daily life in the field of environmentalism, and I studied and recived a master degree in ecology and working on another in environmental communication and management. But does it make the world better? I have a disorder of environmental panic, or ecological anxiety, and could write a full blog of ways how planet earth is distroyed by humans. But what's the point with that?

Instead, I want to show how environmentalism, human health and happiness are close together. With a focus of sharing examples of projects which succeded in making a better life for humans. I hope it gives guidelines how to do it rather than what we should do. When dreams and reality meet. From knowing so, to doing so. Most people wants a very beautiful place to live, no arguments about, but how can we make it happen?

Best wishes,

Anna Rosengren