Friday, April 06, 2012

Bike lines Göteborg

Was cycling one sunny autumn day through this place, when realizing what was going on around me I braked and forgot the shoes stuck into the pedals. But it was worth a small fall, look at this! Its roads for bikes! No cars allowed here! Signs only for bikes and pedestrians.

Bike have to rest some at the grass while owner take pictures at this very special junction of only bike lines!
Bikes, pedestrians and a nice feeling of nothing disturbing the sight. To find cycle paths in Göteborg you can use the cycle planner, mainly along car roads, in bad conditions and a lot of crossings. The bike road to Särö is a little like this, but that path has speed limitations and hindrance and some road crossings. And if you want to go faster, cyclist goes on roads with less traffic anyhow. But good bike lines, they are rare, and places with only bike lines are extremely rare- because planning is not like that, bikes can go along the road, on a smaller road.

If you know any place like this, tell me because this is the first -just for bikes- I ever seen here.

Something similar can be found in the post of Amersfoort. This is something more than a small path along a heavy trafficked car road. With bends and turns in angels you can't do within speed. But here, we are alone, and lines are adapted to bike conditions. This is so good for cycling that I had to stop and share those photos. Hopefully I find some more this year!

Thursday, April 05, 2012