Friday, May 27, 2011

Ecothinking vs ecodoing

Or "plans do look better in paper"

What I've seen after spending years with environmental action is a huge gap between thinking and doing. Meaning, people do not do what they think. Often- too- thinking, even if you are following a great plan, leads to a doing which is not exacly what was planned from the beginning. Word here is process, and they are in a continuous change- if they even exists.

Me intresested in environmental planning and buildings would like to use a good example of thinking- doing process in the planning of building new housing areas. In pictures and plans and in the architects minds those areas would be the nicest and most environmental friendly one have ever seen. But what then happen in the reality is that it was not planned from people but from pens.

Things which are often wrong when translate from paper to reality;
  • Distances are longer
  • People do not just gather because there is an ”open area”
  • Cars are more
  • Bad weather is a phenomena which occur quite often
  • People do not just take the tram if the tram is ”close”
  • (add your own.. there are much more) 
Last touch in a new housing area needs to be in a participatory process with future tenants. They should and would take care for the place when it's there. They are also they people who might want to have something special in the area. Or want something gone. They are the experts not the professionals in the office. And they become even more of after some years.
    As last thing, again, have to say, eco is not only about technology. In fact, its not much about technology at all, but is all about people's ability to have a healthy life.. Eco is something sustainable. In mind, heart and soul.

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Play it hard

    We love Vegan Black Metal Chef! 14 minutes of metal or cooking for that matter is not what I usually like. This, hilarios, genius, positive. Good not only when making homour, but when changing peoples feelings about things. Here; a black metal guy who's funny! And delisious vegan food seen made from scratch. More like, please!