Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Theme; good feeling

What is a livable city?
One might think a lot of greens, people walking, cycling, kids playing, happy people gathering. But it is not really only green spots which are needed, people do not just gather or walk out on the streets because of greens. How do we create spaces where people feel secure, and places where people wants to go?

It seems to be important that it is a thin line between private and public. Totaly private is in our own homes, and that is not "showing ourself on the streets", totaly public might be in a crowded bus, in a large greenspace, in the much busy supermarket or another place, where everyone should do the same, and where it doesn't matter that we are individuals. The little space to calm down, words and a smile in the shop, is so important. Even if they are small. Picture above is inside the castle in Heidelsberg, Germany. A little space for your own, at the public square.

Those private spaces can be shared with other, but should be distinguished from the rest of the town. In Hamburg, Germany, they have a lake in the middle of town, which you can walk around. It's also a lot of traffic, but in one of the corner, you can relax in different ways.

Relax can be to rest from a little walk, drink some water, or relax after a hard working day with a beer or a cocktail, that is what you seem to be doing on this little float in Geneva lake, Switzerland. And even if no one use it, you can imagine it and that is just enough sometimes.

A little square is also sometimes what is needed, just to rest the head from the traffic. Here in Paris with some beautiful art, free to watch.

Another place in Paris, very welcoming and a feeling of togetherness even if we were not on our way there. Those places which connects house to street is important.
Another way of connect buildings to surroundings is with green space, as this small pond in Riesenfeld, Freiburg, Germany, which can be as a livingroom or a playroom for kids. Those spaces are more than just green areas, they wants you to go there.

Another way of integrating surroundings to another is views. This is also a place where we combines private with public, picture above is on the Hotel and Restaurant Kapuzinergarten in Breisach am Rhein. It seems as human likes to look over the fields and forest but in the same time feels secure by the wall of mountains. That is something we should put more interest in.

"Public art". In the same mountain. This painting was made long ago, I think, like it show a marketday at the square. And it makes a connection to the past.

New kind of "public art". Light from one direction makes this interesting and wonderful wall in Paris. A place full of life even in the night. And a place to feel secure even if it's a lot of people and dark.. what is it, that makes that feeling?

A more extreme phenomena here at the bridge in Paris. People have taken over the whole place. Why do they sit here and not at other bridges in other towns?

Here in the other side is a place which is very predetermined to be a cozy place. Green walls, traffic calmed, chairs, café and so on.

When this is a place which is not planned for public use, but it makes it cozy anyway.

And last picture I wanted to show is also from Paris, a little space for people. Can we find the time and space here? Can we see the public and the private here? Or do we save the feeling and sit down in another place.. like the bridge? What is it that makes us feel good? And can we collect more of those places to compare? And can we ask people if they have the same feeling? And can we build better, healthier and more livable cities?

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