Monday, July 13, 2009

New "City forest" in Alingsås, Sweden

I was on my way to Skövde, but I forgot my key so I went off the train in Alingsås, and why not take a walk and see the new neighborhood there?

"Stadsskogen" - the city in the forest is built right now, first people have moved in in some of the new buildings.
It will be a small village, but a part of the city center, close to nature and the lake Mjörn. 1000 housing and 3000 people will be living here, in houses and apartments. Ultimately, the "City Forest" will include a range of public venues such as shops / crafts, restaurants, cafes, plazas and playgrounds, all belonging to the image of a living city. It is also planned for children and the elderly, and school in the area.
Some houses have been here for decades. I wonder what they say now, when they will live next to high building and close to other people.
The main point is to have the nature close, with small paths, water and "wild" nature close to the houses. With my stubbornness "never walk the same road twice" I tried out the forest when I walked down a non-completed road. It was quite "wild"- I guess it was mainly cause they are cutting trees for the views and the feeling of nature..!

The buildings are so-called "passive houses", which requires almost no heating. The smaller houses have "smart" solution architecture, with small windows to north and bigger to the south for "free" radiator. All material is as far as possible environmentally friendly sound.

Here is a garage under the dirt, the entry was hiding in a corner so everything look like a small hill. The roof will probably be a "green roof" with special plants to reduce heat and water.

Take a look at the little film about City Forest under "links"- quite cozy!