Wednesday, May 14, 2014

To bring nature to town

This was a day not long ago. I took some friends, travel by foot and saw this spring marked outside Alingsås. At first picture is Naturama, a Swedish entomologist who educate kids by making art with insects. In a frame (in gold), you can see crickets, beetle larva and walking sticks.

The spring market at Nolbygård, Alingsås.

After a fika (coffee, cakes and saft), we check everything at the small market.

Friends at the field. 

Sheep at the field.

Green wall 

Construction of a farming lot next to the neighborhood.

Barefoot in sun.

And a green roof.

A new housing area with  solar panels.

As I walked down to the lake. I could walk along this river.

You are free to go here with your boat. The lake is quite big, and the river there is long. 


Similarities with some green cities in Germany, like Freiburg. This is how a neighborhood can look like.

Inside a frame of asphalt.

Barefoot in town is the best.