Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Theme; urban agriculture

My travel companion from last ecotrip wants to start a research about urban agriculture at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm. Here are some of the pictures we got (with some stories) from the trip when walked through the cities.

Lausanne in Switzerland had one of the first farms I've ever seen in a city, and so a lot of small spots in different shapes, in this picture is a little agriculture spot with sunflower and tomatoes (and something more, if you look closer).
  Here are parts of the big farm in the city of Lausanne. Fruit trees, green houses and a store made this farm to one of the biggest city farms I ever seen.

In the neighborhood Risenfeld, Freiburg, Germany. An agriculture plot can be rented in the courtyard, a lot of food were growing here. And we could pick up both apples and plums, they was planted like ordinary trees in this area.

Lausanne, Switzerland. The farm with opening hours. My friend who is fluent in French wanted to ask the owner some questions, but he got a very irritated man, who told us that it was in the middle of lunch time, not a day when they where open, and if we were journalists he didn't want to talk to us, if we were students, he didn't had time. We explained that we went all the way from Sweden. He looked baffled, went silent and gave us a a flat peech (also called Paraguaya) to share. Fruit was delicious but the experience was totally wierd!

Amersfoort, Netherlands. A place called "hospital", north of the city center.

Amersfort, Netherlands. A little medival garden with organic growed vegetables, animals and an event group. This have been runned by the city more than 20 years.

Risenfeld, Freiburg, Germany. A dog-rose, but could have been a berry bush or a fruit tree as well.

Lausanne, Switzerland. High vegetable garden in the center of the city.

Another vegetable garden connected to the houses. Lausanne, Switzerland.

And one more in Lausanne, Switzerland.

This small agriculture spot was in the middle of the alpine tourist city of Zermatt, Switzerland. The city is completly carfree, with only small electric vehicles. Certainly most food is imported, but here one of the spots we found in this city. We saw other in the slopes to the mountainareas.

Freiburg, Germany has many interesting ecoproject. Here is a wine garden in the middle of the city center, close to the central station. Signs tells what sort it is, some history and other information.

The hotel and restaurang Kaupjzinergaten in Breisach am Rhein, Germany has their own herbal garden, which is runned by the chefs. In the other side we find some other vegetables as tomatoes and beans, which the grandma took care of.

Tübingen, Germany is a pretty fascinating city with ecological projects and mideval citycenter. In the south side of town we talked to one of the residents in a house for rental, where they grown beans, tomatoes, jerusalem anticoke, zuccini and maize, among others.

A good way to use the road in Breisach, Germany.

Even in ugly Neuf Brisach, France we found a wall next to the Musee Vauban with vegetables growing.
Where you take the stairs to the castle in Heidelsberg, Germany you walk between different vegetables garden. Here in picure some pumkins.

How much of the need can a city produce in the gardens, urban farms, new food parks at old parking lots and so on? Well, I think that my friend should be a doctorate and found that out!

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