Monday, September 13, 2010

Upon altruism

-To think that you can live completly alone is a false assumption.

Everything we do is dependent on collectivism in one way or another. We are social constructed, and so are our built environment. How can we live here without thinking of the consequences of others?

-To beileve that everyone can, if correctly informed, make correct decisions is not right.

A marked driven- approach to solve environmental issues, is a too slow road. And in the end, when everyone tries to make profit from environmently friendly goods- then what?

Why capitalism is doomed to fall is explaned simple here; Crash course in economics . Read also when Herman Daly answers the question; Can we grow our way to an environmentally sustainable world? And see my own argumentation why ecological modernisation may not be the best alternativ for human future and Death of Liberalism as a point of view from Immanuel Wallerstein .

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