Monday, October 12, 2009

How can meat and milk be so cheap?

Here in Sweden a liter of milk cost around a dollar/euro for one liter. A liter of oatmilk cost around 2 dollar. How is that possible? If you make a product from the prime product and not give it to cows (which have to get it, sometimes even from another farm, they have to cosume it, live and produce milk- several production stages that loose energy), how can that be twice the price to something complex as milkproduction?!

Farmers in Sweden have a thought time, acually they can't make it without money from the government. But what is it that government subsidize? What do we lose if we pay the real price for the products? A lot of buyers? Unhealthy people? Milk and meat is what the population needs? Is that why the govermernment subsidize it, to get a healthy population and a lesser need for healthcare? Or do they think about the open landscape? Are they conserned? Would we stand without any food if the price would be a little bit higher?- because the farmers have to quit because of less income because no-one buys it when its more expensive? What happen to the market prices rule? They are not here anymore because our availablity to buy goods from other markets (i.e other countries)?

In the other hand, a farming system that cost more money is the products from organic farmers. They are also poor and have to work all day long, all days a week but in the price they have all this things people wants when they arguing for eating meat and milk; an open landscape with grazing cows in the sunset on a small hill.

The Swedish meat consumtion increased by 50% from 460 to 706 kg carcass weight, between 1990 and 2005. Almost all GHG (green house gas emissions) in Swedish agriculture comes from meat production. A third of the households emissions of GHG comes from the food and almost everything from the meat consumtion. In a world wide perspective, the meat production stand for 18% of the global emission of GHG- THAT IS MORE THAN THE TRAFFIC!

So, what to do in the future?

It's not a very clever way of produce food when produce a cattle or a pig. Almost 90% of the food that you give to the animal goes to the animal to live. Left you have 10% of the energy or protein. So you grow food in only 1/10 of the field. What to do on the rest?!

Yes of course it's good if cows, sheaps and goats and maybe horses grazing the land. But that is not the whole picture of meat production any more. That is a romanticize way of looking at it or remember it. Meat production is about people working they ass of for nothing, a lot of animals in small cages inside a house with no sunlight , and the largest argument; a big waste of good food and available land!


  1. In America, our junk food is cheaper than our produce because of the farm bill - the corn that makes corn syrup & other processed ingredients is financed by the government, but broccoli isn't.


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