Thursday, September 09, 2010

Parody as Protest

Billionaries for Bush was a grassroot movement under the period of George W Bush to show discontent to the current president and his political policies. What they did was to take the role of the other part, in this case billionaries, and shown in that way what they thought was absurd. With jewels, suits, ties, hats, cigars, champagne and limousines they were on the streets with placards as "were is the profit in peace?", "fuck the poor", "tax wages not wealth", it's a class war and we're winning", "survival of the richest", "widen the income gap".. parody as protest.

A clever, to not say ingenious way to get media attention. See more at

Can the concept be used again, in Sweden? Prof. Brian Palmer wonder if any wants to "rapidly build a team of Millionaires for Reinfeldt (Rika för Reinfeldt), who would show up with memorable placards at Reinfeldt's upcoming talks and other Alliance events".
Events would probably be in Stockholm, before the Swedish election 19th of September- meaning SOON. Want to join? Contact me.

Prof. Brian Palmer is an antropologist who have been studing the Swedish democracy for a long time. See him in this interview, about the regime shift, talking a little about Fredrik Reinfelds book "The sleeping people" (meaning the Swedish people), and the prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldts advises from Bush to win this year's election in an inverview from 2008. See the book, George W Reinfeldt : konsten att göra en politisk extreme makeover by Per-Anders Forstorp & Brian Palmer, and the previous post Upon Equality and Personal reflection on why and how .

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