Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Complexity of ideas

picture from here

What if technology could be used to build artificial city environments. What if people had insight in processes in forehand, and in the same time could influence with ideas. What if the users would be the ideas put in a platform like a community sort of like facebook with users able to discuss future plans. What if this platform had some elements ready and others able to upload. What if costs could be transparent from scratch and every changes could be saved and be able to watch over and over and be compared to find the best solution.

Think like a 3-d computer world, with existing buildings in place, like what we can see in the Super sustainable plan about Gothenburg from Kellberg and Kaminsky but with the slight difference that people have insight and can be able to upload their ideas to this.

What if we would understand that in some issues, it is the users and not the professionals who have the answers. Like when building Vauban (and other neighborhoods in Germany) use Baugruppen that decide the appearance of their own house. And what would happen if we would let ideas grow not in meetings but over time.

See also Visable Strategies for more information about the importance of transparency for sustainability.