Thursday, November 13, 2014


 The center of Ivry just in the outer of Paris is one of Jean Renaudie largest projects. Here, we can see the three-dimensional structure so essential for an ecocity, see my post What is an ecocity?

 Instead of building big and high, this is residential buildings on-top of each other, the apartments has a balcony of its own, very much like a small garden. You can actually walk around at the facade at this house! Jean Renaudie had the idea, much like the idea of an ecocity:

Architecture is the physical form which envelops 
human lives in all the 
complexity of their relations with their environment. 
Jean Renaudie, 1968

Unfortunately, parts of the building are not maintained. Green "stuff" is climbing around the corners and some facilities are poorly managed.

The tree is probably a bit bigger now than when it was planted 40 years ago, and someone forgot that it needs more space.

 The small citycenter under the residential apartments are still in use.

 And some other parts of the building looks quite fresh. Here is a view in the other direction and stairs on the outside of the house to go to some other apartments higher up.

 Impressive of the work is the facade in the only material concrete.

It is also worth to mention Irenee Scalbert's book: A Right to Difference at AA Publications.