Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's wrong with the human society?

In a system with perfect conditions, input an output are the same, resources recycles and everything continues as it always did. And it doesn't mean that there is no production here, rain forests and coral reefs are systems that are also high producing.

In the human society, as if we see it to the whole globe, takes resources from one place and put them to another, with a result too much in some places, too less in other. The trading system that we invented is not working so well. In top of this we have invisible emissions and transportation which demands other kind of resources. The picture of it is overwhelming and can be summarized in five important points about what is wrong with the society;
  • we don't see the connection between high consumption and poor conditions (developed-development dilemma)
  • we don't see the how much energy/land our habits consume (especially the food)
  • stress-related diseases are increasing
  • it seems as violence among youth increases
  • invisible emissions are more visible than it seems
Instead of looking at the source, we use our human intelligences to create other things that are important for us; who can make most money is less time, who have the largest TV, house, car etc, we invent codes for dresses, attitudes, behaviors. Shortly; we invent groups that involve everyone, because if you fall out you are weird. Groups were everyone knows the roles, were everyone should be special (talent and with their own style) but everyone know how it should be, i.e you can not be that special if the other didn't know that was the way to be.

How did we come here? And how can we focus on what is good for people, the human society, that means the whole world?

Solution; insight in every level
Tools; local produced goods, locally discussed
How; build better places where people can meet and feel welcome to join. That means; without creating groups; places were we can be humans and not out of our minds and think about "how we should be".

Because we are humans, we react and make the picture of who we selves are with the interaction with our surroundings, so make them wonderful, joyful and easy to live in!

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