Sunday, March 07, 2010

Reports on CO2 & methane

Great climate change site can be found here, last post about climate change 4th of mars; Melting Permafrost; Increased Content of Methane= Climate Change Out of Control.
A following discussion with great comments, so far 175 of them. Here is one;
"The Grand Climate Experiment we are running right now could actually end up a scorched mess. The Experiment:
Before you start the experiment, arrange to have vast quanitities of CO2 and CH4 sequestered in such a way that a sudden temperature rise will start a fast feedback that will release the CO2 and CH4. Also, wait until the sun has increased in brightness to unprecedented levels as it moves along the main sequence. The increased solar radiation will help the reastion. Ready?
First, scour the globe looking for all the reduced carbon that has been stored over the past billions of years. Dig it up, pump it up, strip mine it, whatever, but get as much as possible back into the atmosphere as CO2 in a geological instant,
Two, make a lot of trash and bury it in landfills to create a reliable steady source of methane,
Three, arrange for 1.3 billion cattle for more methane,
Four, cut down or burn most of the world’s forests to release the stored carbon as CO2 into the atmosphere,
Five, make sure that when your are burning fossil fuels or biomass to make CO2, you also release a good amount of NO2 and black carbon,
Six, make as much fertilizer as possible and apply it in such a way that a lot ends up as NO2 gas,
Seven, build a lot of roads and buildings that have a low albedo–this traps more incoming solar radiation,
Eight, release a gaggle of long lived industrial chemicals into the atmosphere that among other things do a really good job at absorbing IR. Be creative,
Nine, fill the atmosphere with contrails and SO4. This will slow a lot of the early warming process enough so that humans won’t get too alarmed and cancel the experiment,
Ten, retreat to the nearest safe planet."
Some more to read from the comments about increased methane;
Methane-driven oceanic eruptions and mass extinctions
and Climate, Fires and Birds: How is the Tundra Changing?
Here a film about the topic; A REALLY Inconvenient Truth: Dan Miller,

see it at

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