Tuesday, March 02, 2010

we already know that

We already know the problem.
We already have the solution.
We even have the organization/institution for it.
We do work for it.

it is just the scale on it that is not good, its too less, too small.

  It is interesting how we work with important question. Often we want people to get to know the problem, care about it or scare them a little. Best example is from the climate change campaign.

   I got the question from a "new born" activist for climate change; -how do you think our group should continue the work with climate change? I asked him how they worked until now. He said "mostly with campaigns, information about CO2 increase. You know, this was how I got interested. I wasn't interested in environment before, now I want everyone to know".
    it was under the lunch in a summit from Swedish Nature Conservation Society, a weekend for gathering and conferences for different themes with locations in Stockholm. I was surprised that they didn't discuss the future work in their gathering with 70 people, but maybe next day.
    It was loud to talk so I just gave him my thought, "start with yourself, what do you do? How easy is it? Discuss with your friends, family, but don't scare people. Most likely they know the debate from the newspaper and they might wonder what to do. If they don't want to know the fact about it- don't pressure. Everyone does not want to know all about the global problems. Give them some real examples of how they can "change", easy things. If you can't do that, you need to work in another way. Maybe it's something else missing. Ask them about it, the people that you want to "know more about climate change"- why is it so hard to not use the car, not buy meat to dinner or what ever your solutions for climate change are. Ask them. You might have the answer there. Then you can work with the solutions. I guess it will be to work with bigger things than try to make people change light bulbs."
    And I continued to formulate an answer in my head. "Maybe you will find out that it is not easy to be environmentally friendly , maybe you will find out that we have to change a lot in the society to make it more easy for people to do right".

    What we need to do in the environmental arena, is to work in a more efficient way. Environmental problems, global problems and every other problem that is a result of our way of living is not only a fact, it is a face that we need to work effectively with, all of us. It is not up to some environmentalist to do it, or some "green" companies.

   A greater knowledge about how to present our selves, our plans, projects and ideas so they really goes to action, is what we need. And we need the knowledge how to empower the people in the process, without being a totally wierd hippie project. This is a concern for every human being, because it is about our future as humanity.

    Because everything is connected, we don't need the reasons to go and do it. Just do it. Get together, talk- take action, build and live in the same time.

    We need more action, not more campaign, books, plans or presentation of projects. We need to bound together. Share. And with that DO a lot more.

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