Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The web of life

When we see a network of relationship among leaves, twigs, branches, and a trunk, we call it a tree. When we draw a picture of a three, most of us will not draw the roots. Yet the roots of a tree are often as expansive as the parts we see. In a forest, the roots of all trees are interconnected and form a dense underground network in which there are no precise boundaries between individual trees.

-The web of life, Fritzof Capra

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  1. Åh, kul att du nämner Capra! Hade den som kurslitteratur i C-kursen i miljövetenskap. Borde läsa om den nu...känner att min syn på den och dess budskap ändrats sen 2008.. Your blog is fantastic, amazing and an inspiration! KRAM!


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