Friday, March 05, 2010

Dust shapes more dust

A man who I lived with, once told me that I was the messiest person walked in a pair of shoes (I certainly had some things to call him too). That was away too much exaggerated, even if I know that I am not a very well-organised person. I'm of the belief that if there is a good solution, it will self-organize.

When I clean my own and my grandma's house, I see that some things creates itself in the other direction, in a self-disorganizing way. I start to think about the term entropy; the un-organizing term which is realated to second law of thermodynamic and means that everything wants to be in chaos, which is the lazy state of materia. To prevent chaos, we need a lot of energy. But with the dust, it seems as it is not only in disorder it is also creating more. It seems as dust evolving itself if you just leave it to its self. Dust shapes more dust.

On the other hand, another boy called me a cleaning freak, I think that was a more exaggerated thought, but to compare these two views is fun, look at this; the first one was living with me and the other was my tenant, telling me this when he left the apartment. The behavior about the cleaning is very interesting in a common ground view; where one of them was in it and cared about it, one was out and didn't care. Argumentation who should do it, and how (well) is normal!

A post about cleaning, what is this?

Dust is like bad thoughts, nonsense or disharmony in a group. But also something which is always present. If we leave it, it would create a pale that is just growing. We need to do a big cleaning ones in a while and if we do this cleaning very well, we save time, because dust evolve more dust. Dust creates small shapes that new dust can fit into. Layers of it.

Is it just bad? We might found things if we clean well, if it was a very long time we might get confused over our own behavior (what the hell is a leaf doing under the shower deck), suprised over our own talent long time ago (oh, this book full with notes..!)or more familiar with the house and its boundaries (loose walls and where to be careful) and of course get an overview of all details (buttons can be in the same box as the needle and thread).

If we know we got company, or a visit, -we clean a lot. (This is not just me, this is a human fact!). Organize, see it from the outside.

In an organisation or other institution this is interesting. When cleaning up the dust in the group, we need to go deep into it. This is because dust shapes dust, and it can be dust like gossip talk, no strategic plans or disharmony between the members, which can lead to unproductive work in the group.

Many insitutions are changing their logo, name, standards. Some do this more often than nessesary, which can be confusing for costumers, -"again?!". Like a new-cleaned house (where did I lay that small piece of important paper?!). But the big cleaning is nessesary, and with well developed rules, goals and plans to keep the house organised and to not let the dust shape more dust, is to prevent the house (or yourself) from the need to be cleaned too soon again. Or in the organisation; out of bad thoughts and nonsense and instead focus on the important things.

Only bad with dust- or is the hard part the confusing when clean up? Anyhow, when its done, you can face the reality and have everything clear as we want to show it to our visitors.

Make it well. Don't just scratch on the surface, because it is more underneath. And if you leave that- you have to clean soon again.

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