Monday, January 04, 2010

New ways

We know that the rainforest are cut down for woods and to be transformed for crop plantation. In some countries this is "under the law", and then they have some illegal cutting. Often they have a connection. No-one can enter a rainforest if they haven't been there before. so to fix the problem they invent the FSC for example. A labeling that could both be good for the buyer and into the forest with more investigators/ control people. This wasn't working. they have a lot of problems with it. So what to do? Some anthropological scientists mean that if we want a good or a sustainable forest protection we need to give the power to the people. They should by themselves have their councils, rules, legislations.

If this was implemented in other areas too, we should have a society not based on capitalism, nor communism or any other ideology than common sense

(copied from a chat with friend Sascha, Germany)

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