Saturday, January 30, 2010

A city perpective

Prentend a city, an imaginary one or a real. How is it built up? And what would happen if everything was changed?

Pretend the buildings, the streets and the parks. Now, take away all people, all social structures, everything we do there. Prented it to be totally empty.

Pretent that you can build it up, rebuild, make new structures. Prentend that you build the city for your own needs.
How would it look like?

I might know that you would not put the things you need everyday in a long distance. I pretend that you would like to have it so you can walk there.

So for your own needs you need some other people. Put them their too and make their connections about their needs around them.

How does the city look like now? Is it a similar city as the real one? What is added? What was taken away?

I want to see the city in different layers. On top of each other. Not spread out, next to each other. Can you imagine? I would like to give a picture of it.

Your home is your castle, right? You need a place to feel private. But you want to let other people into your home sometime. Other times you want to go to a friend. Or met in another place, open for more people. As social creatures, we normally want to learn new things once in a while and get to know new perspectives. Besides of company, we need food- farmers. Besides company and food we need someone that can build houses, fill it with things we need when we cook. I can say I would be more than happy in this small society. But next step should be contact with other societies, to do that we need some kind of communication. Internet is great. People also want to go to other places of course. So we need structures between cities.

Places for
Communication between

Now it looks like a old stoneage society. That is not what we want to have. This is why the communication between is so important. We need to share. Share examples of good structures and knowledge.

In my pretended society there is no unnessesary shopping, no ugly food systems, no messed up systems of water or forest logging.

That is because we don't need it.

In this city music, meetings, sharing of knowledge and experiences, expressions, food and drinks are the most important. You know who it was that made the things you use.

Anyway, did you think of an imaginary or a real city from the beginning? What is what in this world we have today?

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