Monday, January 25, 2010

Green rooftops and vertical garden

It's not only the cosiness we would like to have when we want more green in the cities; green spots connects people to each other, makes us relaxed, can be seen as monuments, rooms, hidespots and to create collaboration.

In an Ecocity, green spots is not only for the ground space, it would be at the flat houseroof, in terraces, in tunnels, on the walls of buildings, walls just for plants, onto human bridges and special "garden brigdes", green will not only create new spaces but will also interlace them to each other.

You might heard about green rooftops to be used as technology, to cool a house and to collect rainwater, but in the same time it could be used as social forums with gardening, cafees and activites. Green spots should be used more, to create a good environment for humans.

Read also the article in National Geographic about Green Roofs (May 2009)

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  1. Good insight into vertical gardens.