Sunday, January 03, 2010

Community gardening

Can it be like, the good effects about globalisation have been that people start to talk to each other, all over the world? News, facts, uncertainly and distrust are shared on blogs, forums, between friends, strangers on the street. If this can be linked to something far away as the basics for humans; the food production, we could save the world.

Here are some good links to community gardening

Todmorden's Good life: Introducing Britain's greenest town

Community Gardens Relieve Family Budgets

joegardener blogsite

In Sweden, Malmö "Barn i stad"

The new project in Uppsala "Matparken"

Find a community garden in US

Green movement in West Oakland- radio report

Village Bottoms neighborhood in West Oakland -how to build an urban farm and a local commutity

From the Village Bottom Urban Farm, West Oakland. US

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