Monday, January 11, 2010

Light pollution

Light pollution as a phenomena and as a global fact isn't new knowing. Cities that never sleeps, turned to a day without ending. Birds goes in wrong directions, turtles are run over by cars.

And what about ourselves?
When we have as much snow as we have in Göteborg this year, my mind goes to Northen Sweden in Piteå were I lived for three years, here the northern light glow over the sky almost every evening in the wintertime and all over the black sky you should see the stars.

In Göteborg its just too light, we can see some stars, but not thousands and that makes me just wonder how people nowadays can say that they know that they are living in the universe, but they can't see the sky. Good that we have information so we can sit inside and watch the stars on the computer! Or why not have your own star sky in the ceiling above the bed? as an ex just told me (yes he is adult)!
I was reading the article in National Geographic and here with very nice picures, article from 2008. Same number with a huge repotage of Borneo and some about the Elephant seal mating. Nature in informatic form is fascinating but just pee in the ocean to the real thing.

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