Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why care when you can do other things?

Every human in this globalization world is affected by media and commercials, if not directly, by others. We just cares to much what other people do, to do something by our selves. This pants is not good to have in this place, this shoes can't be put with this socks.. Or my behavior is not as it should be, I should "behave"...

Of course we don't have time to be environmental correct. Maybe if the magazine says so. If the clubs, bars, restaurants do so. If our closest environmental do so. But why should we think our self? Why should we care? We have other things to think about. To fit to the society for example..

Information is not enough. We have known about the consequences for a long time. . But we just don't have time for it. We have to live in the society. To be correct..

Read the link to Herman Daly

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