Monday, September 28, 2009

Cities as living organisms

Cities can be viewed as living organisms which need clean water, food and transportation of waste from the city. But a city is not a well designed organism. We live closer to each other but the need to carry us increases. We rarely produces food or resources in the city itself, although the need for them increases. People living on less space, but their need for space at other locations, their ecological footprint is far much greater. This is unstable in a world with a growing population.


  1. Hi Anna!
    Inner-city farming is on the rise all over America - Minneapolis! Oakland! It also creates jobs & reduced transportation fuel.

  2. It's on its way. If you want to give more specific examples you are more than welcome.


MIRAGE: A Short Film about Arcosanti

Mirage from Edan Cohen on Vimeo .