Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Economy and/or reality

Come on all economist.. Can we think in a sustainable way for instance? A little bit in a more realistic way? The economics isn't all about stuff.

We change the government party here in Sweden, and now they will lower the taxes. For some, its great. But they do it because they want the Swedish people to have more money to buy things for. What kind of things?

It's clear that the world is going more organized and more and more institutional, which is great in a way when it's creating a lot of jobs. But the great organization is not so much about other but things. Information trading, spreading, marketing, subworkers in a chain with to many companies. They just want us to buy things, and that means more stuff. STUFF!. We have all what we want already! We don't need more stuff. We need a society where people can live. And what a society need is; health care, educational centers and schools, culture, social things. We need a society where people can relax and have great fun!

Not worry about the latest trend in shoes or pants. This society now, makes me sick and the planet sick, cause we just have a limited amount of resources. But who cares?

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