Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One world. 6.8 billion people

One world. 6.8 billion people. 100 000 newborn every day. Who think in realistic thoughts that we can buy whatever we want and don't think about the consequences? What the fuck is happening in this world right now?
We are talking about finances crises but that will be OK. We just have to buy more. And more. And more. But people! Wake up! This is one world with a limited resources ground!

Cheap crap stuff is now in every store. Its even better if its just crap, so people can buy new thing again soon. It's perfect for the fashion in clothing. Who wants to have the old fashion any way? Better to let it be crap, so we can change faster.

I have an electric fireplace from the 80's and it working great. My grandma had a dishwasher that I guess was more than 30 years old, perfect until recently. They change it and the new dishwasher brooked down, two years later. A small piece was broken and it was cheaper to by another, new dishwasher.

The fashion to eat meat have increased by 50% in Sweden in the latest 15 years ( and ( How is that even possible? Do we have that much land to give to the animals, when we in the same time are talking about a world in hunger? The debate about energy is also present here. An animal use 90% of what it is eating by itself- to warm up itself. If only 10% of the food that an animal eats goes to produce meat- it is needed a high proportion of plants. But that's the fact. In Sweden 70% of the agricultural land (not pastureland included) is used to produce/farm food for animals and we import soybeans to give to the animals.. with an loss of 90%, its not so well investigate, when soybean are perfect even for humans to eat..
And then we don't talk about other impacts from meat, for example cut down rain forest and destroy climate. What to do then? Buy more stuff? Eat more meat?

Reality please!

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