Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Communicate the future of mankind

I'm not a pioneer in this kind of things. I'm not even enough realistic for the serious people, not enough radical for the activist people. And neither it's my work to tell others what to do.

To know how to create a future society, we have to ask the people in the society what to do. What do they need? What is worth to fight for?

Environmental communication is about this, to make the people tell us what's important for them- not to tell them what's important -listening, before telling".

Every society struggle with different kind of things. If you have money, your problem is probably that you think you can do whatever you think you should do. SHOULD DO. Not what you selves wants to do, yes you think you have a free will, but have you? And if you are poor, you may just want this too. Dreaming of doing what the "rich people are doing".

How can we find the things we want to do, read again should do, in a good way also for the environment? We have to see what people really want to do. Needs. Not desires.

It's just about communication. Everything is. We communicate always even if we don't think so. We just have to. It's the society. How do you know where to eat if you don't communicate? You know it because you know the symbols on the signs. You know so much. Even if you don't think about it. Our society is in our minds.

If you go to another country that is quite similar to the society you are use to, you will see the difference in their way of thinking and maybe see how your own society is working. I got a feeling of this when I was in San Francisco for seven weeks in two different periods. I got the question how I like the city, and I said (very stupidly); "Yes.. you have restaurangs [like us], but everything is different into them, here.." I felt so bad after saying this, because it's not like I been in the same country, same city for my whole life, but in US everything was different. If felt being ignored or like they just didn't care.. which leads to my impression that American people are like you think they are; proud, not easy in feelings and they just fight for they own. In a Swedish way this would seem to be very egoistic. But for them- it work cause the environment is like that- they have to fight- or you will be in the street doing nothing. We- quiet Swedish people should learn a little bit. If we want something we should say so. But I also think that we Swedish people and also European people have something even more important, and that is passion and caring about other people.

It's what all is about- the best from the two worlds; we have to see what the people want and try to implement it in the best way for them, and as a result; the best for human future.

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