Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lack of nature where nature should be, is not nice

Lack of nature where nature should be, is not nice. You can see that it should be there but what happen?

I have a neighbor, a family actually, two doctors with two kids and two dogs and a big 2-floor- house. The house have two windows to the sun, the rest is a bathroom, and this old windows with colors that you can't see threw. To have more light, this family decided to take down three big oaks (probably more than 200 years old). Clever? They are doctors...

I see a hill with a gymnasium school at the top. Now they took away all the trees at the hill. But why? It just look awful. And you don't have to be an ecologist to understand that the trees do some good things there at the hill. Holding both water and soil together.

There is a daycare center next to the bus stop here and they are doing something very strange; blast away a rock, the kindergarten have to be flattened out. Can we do something better with our tax money???!

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