Monday, May 04, 2009

First trip to San Fran

it was really intense .. but it felt like 6 months if you think about it.

San Francisco Bay Area is like a city of its own, with three downtowns; Berkeley, Oakland and San Francisco and millions of sites

I stayed and had my nights;
in a co-op for 13 people in one week in suburb, Ashby, Berkeley
in a van one night, at the top of Broadway on the hill where the tunnel is, San Francisco
in a van one night, Buena Vista Park, San Francisco
in a van one night in suburb, Ashby, Berkeley
in another house with 4 people two nights in suburb, Ashby, Berkeley
in the suburb in Rockridge, Oakland for a night in a girls' co-op, 4 people
in the Haight, San Francisco, in an awesome guy 's apartment, the rest of the time

And what about this? Why write this? That is why I think it is very important for my view of the area in relation to the great country USA. You as a foreigner has so much thinking about this country. If you look at a "real American" you are in the wrong location in San Francisco. Here are all vegans, old hippies, old electronic music lovers, open- minded people, a lot of climbing people, gay people and the homeless. Everyone wants to be in the San Fancisco area. I also want to be there. The reason here and nowhere else where I was is comparable with "what do we want to do tonight" instead of "what can we do tonight".

I do not like cities where you can get lost in the grandeur. In San Francisco and Berkeley and Oakland, you always have a feeling of closeness. Although a distance.

So clear is the car is number one transport medium. But not really optimized to run here. It is the simple straight roads, lots of suburbs and a highway that is both large and stressful, but the best way for another to transport is with the subway BART and some buses. If the others do not, the others will take you there.
And why am I discusing this?

Of course the same as my purpuse to be here; Ecocity dimensions

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