Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pathway from the village of Hjo center to pure nature, Sweden

Went to Hjo today and visited a close friends mother. She told me that the city council have made a new path under the most trafficked road from Jönköping so we took a walk in the neighborhood and here are some pictures.

The path takes you from the town the whole way to Mullsjön, a popular lake. All the way there, you would be close to the creek Hjoån, whish is quite big. As you can see in the pictures there are some old houses left from the past, in the picture an old mill that is now used for temporary uses, like art gallery, lecture hall for Öring (Salmo trutta) excursions and more. You can also find signs on the path that explain what you can see there. The excursion of Öring is held in the night and you can see them spawn. For a price of 100 Skr (12 dollar) you will first have a small lecture, then the group walk to watch them and after that it is time for fika (coffee and talking).

Before, it was mostly people in the neighborhood who used the path to take a walk with their dog, also my friends mother. Now, with the rebuilding and lenghten under the road instead of trying to go over it, the path lead somewhere. Such a thing removed the barrier of the big road and gave the people the ability to walk or bike in the nature to the nature. I like to call this an Ecocity thought, even if Hjo is a small village with a lot of cars, this is a big initiative and should be use in different areas.

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