Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some concluding remarks right now

Thesis work #5

Richard Register said in several times that things going to slow with the concept. He have worked with this around 40 years. My own interpretation was that Ecocity Builders have a lot of different project running right now, more than before and much larger and broader. I think they have a good chance to give their message to other, like neighborhood, city council, interested people.

Unique to Ecocity Builders is the broader view. Richard Register say that mostly every other concept of a sustainable city miss the important part with the denser living, and open up in other areas. The car problem is neither that so important in other concepts as in the Ecocity concept, they usually looking for other fuel or "smaller cars", "but that is the problem, we have to build cities without cars" says Richard.

The organiation can be seen as an information source. Richard Register have his mind full and sometimes I felt it very difficult to go from that and talk about something else (i.e, their communication strategies). Kirstin Miller have the contact to other people and are use to explain things over and over again how to do things. They both work very hard to make things happen.

I think that Ecocity Builders will continue to be an information source basely. Their action will be to interact other people with pictures and examples of things that work.

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