Thursday, April 29, 2010

Signs of spring

Last week have been a little bit cold again, but the trees they really want to open their leaves, some shrubs couldn't hold it any longer and this morning in the train across the country I see light green from the floffy flowers on willow and also the early leaves of birch. The grass seems greener and some other green plants grow under the almost naked shrubs. Wood anemones came yesterday or the day before, a lot, a lot!

A mother moose and her kid looked at me in the forest, everything stopped for some seconds. I went the other way and they walked first trough the running trail then up to the car road, before cossing it, she looked in both directions- no cars- go kid, go!

Later, same run, I saw a man with a white horse at a green hill, the horse ate the new grass and the man stod with the rope in his hand some steps away, like a man with a dog- go and play! But the horse just grazed the grass and the man walked in the sun, ontop of a green hill with blue sky in the background and a white horse.

In the end of the round I meet a male deer in his work to get the skin of from his horn, and the winter fur fell down from his body. He walked to tree to tree and had an eye on me.

Going by the train and I can see a lot of agriculture land, large scale to be compared with the past, small scale to be compared with todays industrial "farming". Here and there, wetland have been constructed, and I wonder if it is to take the water away from the land, catch the nutrients from the field or to get the money from Biodiversity Act.

With last week with a lot of "do it yourself garden" (read about a new community in Mölndal, my mothers balcony in the city and my grandma's garden) in my head, I'm thinking, how to combine social, ecological and economical sustainability. They are not, and should not be seperate. Mostly we talk about the ecolocial part, but to get there, we need to go throught the people. I guess it lays in the word "humanity", we have to do more things together, like planting trees and flowers in the spring, see the big wild animals, plant food, cook together, babysit each others children, not because we have to- but because it is fun.

So, train is soon in Uppsala. Tomorrow spring will be "singing in" at Valborg celibration with champange and strawberries to breakfast, boat race in the river by the city and in the evening Valborg fires. Day after then May Day. This is how to combine a weekend of early signs of spring with politics and future thoughts.

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