Monday, April 19, 2010

Mission: impossible?

Sometimes I think I am on the right track, but sometimes it feels like glue in my head, and sometimes I think that maybe someone put glue into it, or control my brain from a huge central miles from here.

Explain to me what happens to all the train lines that was built in US in the early 1900 century, seen in every cowboy movie. How come, that governments put billions after billions to roads and highways. And what happen to that electric car that was invented before 1900? And why is it, that we eat animals that was feed on grains and beans so we loose 90% of the energy when we in the same time talkes about a world in hunger? Tell me why it's so important to have white small socks when running, and tell me where my freinds went.

Is being environmental conserned the opposite to be into the society? Am I weird?

Nah, I just questionize everything. What do we know for real? We just know what we can read from others; if white small socks for running is the thing that dosen't give you bad looks from outside- let's buy it!

My brain's running slow today and I feel demotivated. Anyway, what about this motivation.. It is not up to some environmentalists to save the world..

We are all in it, and so much more can be done if we collaborate. And so much more thing can be created and understood and explored if we just talked a little bit more and questionize a little together.

Throw out your tv! Meet family, friends, people. Discuss and build! Build relations, grow food, learn about different humans and why humans are so complex. Explore! Create! Talk! Love!

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