Friday, April 02, 2010

Oilposter and life after peak oil

See the poster at , from the Post Carbon Institute. The poster lead to the book; The Transition Timeline, for a local, resilient future, a book that sees after the Peak and how to deal in a world with less oil. As things happens around the world when the Peak Oil curve goes up, things also happens when it goes down, but what? It is time for a transition to... ?

Some would say "better cars", with biofuel or electric from renewable energy sources. Some would say "better public transportation". Some would say "local communities", self-sufficient in food.

I would say; build ecocities and everything would be all right. Ecocities refers to a compact community, were people work together to create a beautiful place to be, that means that we don't need to transport too long. It means that cars can be on gasoline, if they are 1 billion less of them in the city, that means that we don't need mass transportation for the public. That doesen't necassarily means that we need to grow our own food all of us, but if you want, you can, because it is close, and if you don't want, you are able to see it, because small spots of agriculture and gardening are also fun and beautiful, full of butterflies and birds. Ecocity does mean a wonderful place to be,a smart place, which is effective in resources, based in a way on the conditions of nature.

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