Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Face

people [do only] understand the need to join together in some sort of coordinated way in order to negotiate or co-construct an outcome
We co-construct our identities through our interactions with others. We want to do it well, because we want to feel respected and to build the personal dignity and honor of the other. The interactions occur in the moment as a single speech act, or they may occur in the "expanded moment", as within larger context of action (conversations, episodes, lifescripts). Identity management is complex, indicating a need for healthy facework across the many different situations of our lives. Where and how do we select a starting place, or a hypothesis for acting in the situation? How do we know where and how to "join" others in the moment?

Facework offers people an opportunity to ask questions that shift from a limited worldview with scarce resources for change, to one of a complex network of relationship that embody a multitude of options for life's challanges.

Act with intent, but understand that you are always co-construction something larger than the objective you are trying to archive in the moment.

Text; From the book Facework. Bridging Theory and Practice. Demenici, K., & Littlejohn S.W. 2006 Drawing; Mary DeLave, who is also the cover artist for the book


With those words and a little facelift on the blog site, I hope to reach out with more ease. But not to forget, is to put the knowing into doing. We already have a lot of knowledge, it's now time take the step to practise in the whole community. We need to use our ability to communicate and communicate in a more efficient way (creates better facework) to meet the challanges that are in the way of sustainable future. Let's start with a sustainable communication, how we interact to understand each other and with that do something together.

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