Monday, February 13, 2012

Teach an old dog to sit

Within three years all companies and households in the City of Göteborg will change to a weight-based waste system. Askim was first in 2010, and 2011 was the time for Älvsborg, Tynnered, Frölunda, Högsbo Lärjedalen, Gunnared Bergsjön and Kortedala. Other districts begin in 2012. That means whole Göteborg have to change now.

Since compostable waste is free to throw in a separate container, it is a great gain to sort this out from the other garbage. My mother went up to our tenants to talk about it, and came down happy. After just two days she call me and said "you have to come over! noow!"

This was what my mother found in the compostable waste bin.

In the compostable waste bin; metal and different plastic. She asked me what to do, she said that it should be so easy. "I can tell them that if a pig can eat it, they can throw it there". She called up, a bit nervous, for, what do you say when you searched thought out someones garbage? 

She said that she saw a bit of a plastic piece stick up from the bag (which was true). She talked for a while with the man in the house who is in his 80's but still in a 70's shape. The call went good we think, only thing was that he said the recycle guide was cryptic... Mum felt a relief that it went out good and the sentence "if a pig can eat it, you can throw it in the brown paper bag" rang in my ears. That was a good one I thought.

Just a day after my mum called me; "they did it again". She was in the cellar with all the trash around her. I told her to throw everything in the garbage bin for unrecycling, she can't recycle other's garbage.. How hard can it be? Is it impossible for people to recycle nowadays? Elder people should, I think, have a common sense how to do that.. 

Story continuous...

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