Friday, March 09, 2012

Recycling for dummies part 2

Apparently our tenants learned how to throw food in the paper bag and garbage in the other container (and not food with packaging on anymore, see last post). But that other container is all full just from one household now, since me and my mother separate everything, which just leaves traces in the "normal garbage container" so it ain't our trash in the other bin.. Well done tenants, but what about the rest of the things?

I now heard the same story from a friend living in a residential area, all different containers contained the same mix or garbage.

People don't see the difference in plastic, papers, paperboard and glass? Or even "food" from "other garbage".

But this project was built this way; city council had trust to the people to understand themselves. How long will it take to learn for people? How much "mixed stuff" will be forever? Our tenants said the guide was cryptic. Will they learn after a while? Is this, "here-you-have-a-brochure-now-do-it-yourself", the right way to teach tenants how to do it or how to do it otherwise?

See an earlier discussion about recycling at high advanced recycling with systems making it easier.

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