Monday, February 06, 2012

Government/people- who is responsible?

Most people think government should protect and ensure that hazardous components stays out from our surroundings. Meaning, ban them if they are too hazardous. Most people also think that government (or municipality) should be the one who makes it easy to collect things that we shouldn't throw in normal garbage.

Most government through, think that people are one's that can see right and wrong, they think that people from information can learn what contains hazardous components and that people can learn how to avoid them or learn where to put them after use.

Who has the responsibility? Is it so that environmental concerned people have to inform other people what is bad or what is less bad, is it organizations and grass-roots task to make sure that people have a good environment to live in?

I want to say that environmentalism is not something that is only connected to a group of anxious people. It is about people now and then and it also hit back to government if they don't act. To make sure that all these actors can work together is what environmentalism should be.

-linking up the 'bees'- the individuals and small organizations that are buzzing with ideas and imagination- and the 'trees', the bigger institutions that have power and money but are usually not so good at thinking creatively. On their own, the bees can't achieve impact. On their own, the trees find it hard to adapt. (p 125. Murray et al)

Murray,R., Caulier-­‐Grice,J.,´and Mulgan,G., 2010. The open book of social innovation.

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  1. interesting i agree but to make people more aware it should be taught more in school to children about whats happening to the world and get the children to get there parents more involved,everybody listens to children if theres enough childrens voices to be heard