Thursday, October 28, 2010

Power outage

Last night- a power outage in my friend's neigbourhood. Took the tram, and it felt like going into the forest. No lights on the streets, no lights in the buildings, just darkness and that kind of dark that is darker than just no lights. Buildings are very dark in the dark. Almost like mountains or high trees. Another man in the same tram stop went into the railing, and told me "I can't see!" 

Everything we are depended on is driven by electricity. To not mention just street lights, signs and advertisement in cities.. so much as light pollution is a phenomena.

Friend's house was full with candles, no tv, no radio, no computer because it already runned out the battery, with a captured laundary in the washing machine, and no tea because of the electric stove, we instead had a good chat over some whiskey and chocolate in an apartment in the view of a dark neigbourhood. I lend the sofa to sleep over and in the middle of nigh, Bang! all lights were on again! In the morning, over the tea- bang! Out! Dark again.. Laundary was never dry and smelled a little bit wierd in the black cellar..

Interesting how vulnerable our lives are and our neigbourhoods with no backup plans.

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