Thursday, October 28, 2010

A better kind of wrongness

-"When you try to improve wrongness, what you do is you make it wronger. You make wrongness successful. I always use the gun example. The original gun was a little pipe that projected lead or rocks or something. Now we have guns shooting three hundred bullets a minute. That's a consequence of a constant improvement of what I call the wrong thing.
   Consider also Frank Lloyd Wright's Broadacre City. By perfecting the notion of the suburb he helped glamorize it, legitimize it. That was for me, another typical case of something wrong getting wronger though the elabortation of very intelligent and very clever and very good design. It was never built but, in a sense, it's all over the place nowadays. So here we are smack in the center of wrongness".
The neighbourhood Rieselfeld, Freiburg, Germany.
A better kind of wrongness?
-Paolo Soleri, 2000 from the book The Urban Ideal- conversation with Paolo Soleri, here with John Strohmeier and Kathleen Ryan

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