Thursday, August 26, 2010

These cars

Not enought that they disturb when you walk in different cities, they also disturb in the pictures. Look at Geneva! Heidelsberg! Brussells! They got cars! (of course they have, why shouldn't they?!...)

Arc de Triomphe, world's most beautiful traffic circle?

Heidelberg has them, Tübingen has them, Freiburg, yes a lot, the little town of Breisach, oh yes, Neuf Brisach have extra wide roads, in Geneva it's terrible, Lausanne can't be without, Lucerne, yes and by the way- why not?!, Paris is full of them and in Brussels they got a better view than the pedestrians to see the green wall.

Well, you got it. Our trip to towns with ecological projects and other caracteristics close to ecocity element, have the cars anyway- can't be without them.

But I have to tell you that cities without cars exists (!) and we found at least one completly carfree; Zermatt, and saw parts of Freiburg, Tübingen which was car limited and the city center of Amersfoort which was carfree, other carfree cities can be seen at the list in Wikipedia. List was initially developed by J.H. Crawford, author to the book Carfree Cities, 2000, more info about at

Small electric vehicles, cable cars and train is the thing in Zermatt.

Bikes, horse carriages and a huge kite met us in this green space in Amersfoort- a place to have fun.

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