Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bike lines and bike roads

Best practice of benefits for bikes that I've ever seen is from Amersfoort, The Neatherlands. Lines is more like roads and a meeting with another bike have to be easy. In first picture; two bike lines, one in each direction and one line for walking. Second picture; a sign tells that fiets (bikes) goes first and cars need to drive slow (30 km/h). Third picture; a bridge with one line for cars and two, one in each direction for bikes. Fourth picture shows how the road are built up; same levels for pedestrians (no street edge), but cars need to drive slower and go over a bump, when the roads crosses. Not the opposite as it is today.

Fifth picture is a picture from the city of Tübingen in Germany and shows how it look like in almost every city that build bike lines in the city; a little bit of the road can be for bikes.

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