Sunday, August 29, 2010

Theme: streets in greenery

The opposite to green streets should be streets in green. What is what and were is the boundary? A wild nature with a self maintaned path, or a contructed park with a contructed path? The first we might not count, but the other we amaze. 19 pictures from latest ecotrip to see what is different with a street in green from a street with green, small difference in one word..

A little paving in an "wild"courtyard, greenery here is climbing from the ground to the balcones, at the walls. All over the place. Vauban neighborhood, Freiburg.

Vauban. Between the houses- a place close for children to play and parents to calm down. Rocks, old threes and trees on the ground. Not a playground in plastics and steel. And so, a self maintained path.

From one of the apartments one floor up, down to ground level. Greenery climbes at the stairs, at the walls, at the roof. It is more a stair in green than green in a stair. Französischer Viertel, Tübingen.

A grasslaw and some trees in a typically residental area, Geneva. Sign says, It is strictly forbidden to walk and play on the lawns. No dogs. So when nothing else is allowed, you can always take a walk at the path to see the lawns closer.

Stadspark Schothorst, Amerfoort. The path led to three black cattle, a little mideval farm and a very sweet girl who told us about the place and how things are runned in the Netherlands. A good walk in nature.

Same courtyard as first picture. 8 floor high building, facing the yard. Wild nature at the walls and balcony, and ground. A stair in greenery is a more beautiful one.

Amerfoort; green laws with paths. Horses and old men. Kids playing. Dogs running. Laws with no paths and paths around its sides.

Nieuwland, Amerfoort; canals, green, path and a heron (at the path, farthest). This city really likes canals and especially this neigborhood is famous for its structures with round streets. Tourists comes here to take picutes. A lot of dead ends. Looks better from google maps. But this part was green.

Zermatt. Gornergorge canyon. A path, been here since 120 years ago. Cost 4 CHF to walk and took about 15 minutes. River, cliffs and very close. Totally worth it.

No path to walk from one road to another. Something has to be done. This is one of many; a self maintained path, at junk land in nowhere, Amerfoort.

Vathorts, Amerfoort, a new neigborhood of 11000 residents. Here is what some trees can do for the feeling. Nothing you can contruct by hands.

At the slops just above Zermatt.

Tübingen, a small path along the river, along a bigger path at the platanallee with Neckar in both sides.

Three, stones, canals, green and a bridge. In Amersfoort.

Heidelberg. Right at this spot there was a little free space from the traffic. In one direction, a mountain, with a tunnel to trains covered with ivy, another the river, Neckar, another a triumphal arch, called Karlstor and in one the old town. Well, traffic goes around this spot. Around, around. Around.

Along Neckar in Heidelsberg, at the other side from the old town. No traffic, but a path in nature.

Way up to the castle in Heidelsberg is through gardens.

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