Sunday, June 13, 2010

Human justice- environmental issues

a toe infection, a psychopath makes life terrible for an ex girlfriend and an innocent woman drags into a money fraud. how can we start to talk about things like recycling glas or paper in those cases? environmental problems are not about silly things like that and we need to understand that without a society where people feel that they can make a different, nothing will ever change. what we need to understand is that human justice is a basic need for future development and to get to environmental issues, the basic needs have to be fixed first. and after that we need to build up a more environmental friendly system, which also works without to much of a pain. so to fix the task; ask people what they need and how, that means a good environment (human life) is needed for a good environment (future life). what this is al about tonight, is that things are not easy to fix, because we live and respond to the human society and therefore humans who live in that system knows what is difficult. ask them, do not just give them facts to follow. we need more real bounds.

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