Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Balance of nature

Besides of intra and inter- specific competition (competition between individuals within a species and between species) there is also a "kind side" of nature, the trophic levels. Those trophic levels are not limited by competion between individuals or by species, but from energy. With a ratio of 1:10, those tropic levels shapes a pyramid, with few food-chains longer than 4 steps.

In the trophic pyramid, humans effect it everywhere; from being the producers, the consumers, predators and decomposers. Well, our way of doing it is always worse than nature and extra energy is needed always and biproducts seems to be inavitable.

However. My idea was to see people more as producers, with a lot of knowledge both scientific but also like a human knowledge, we know how we live, what's working, what's not and so on. If humans was seen more as producers in the food-chain, everything would be dependend on them later on. If humans would be seen more as producers than consumers that needs a fixed ground (the plants in the ecosystem, the society with structures and buildings in the human system), we would gain more energy in the higher level, that means a more effective work with less competition.

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