Monday, June 14, 2010

Old reuse update

Society in modern times is about consumption, and consumption is about resources. When we do new things for higher consumption, we also have a reduction of valuable resources and often have a major impact on the environment. What companies want is to sell more things, it does not matter if it is, excuse me when I say this, cheap crap that breaks down directly, it's pretty good actually, if it does, so the store can sell the new stuff tomorrow .

That is why we must reverse the high consumption of resources to a high consumption of things, things that we already have. We can change things we do not want more. But it is not a flea market or second hand stores, this time, neither the private second-hand shopping between people from advertisements in newspapers and the Internet, no- this may be a company that buys things from customers and sell it back to the store, which can sell it to new customers. It's fairly easy to implement in some stores that have their own brands, such as clothing stores, eyewear and footwear. Or why not in the market for tools and materials for construction? Video game stores have a system already in stores, when they buy used games from customers and sell them to new customers, nothing wrong with that, but if you go back to your dress, blouse or shirt that you used once at a party and want no more, it could be more than strange to go back to the store and want money back for it - today.

A company in the customer-business in a direction opposite from today, can be a good way to have contact with customers, as it would not be too fun to go back to the store and "give the clothes back", so REuse fix that instead, the customer will get money in advance and the clothes goes back to "the starting store", the store that sold it originally or the store that wants to buy it "back". It should also be marked as a REuse thing. Large stores which sells a lot of things can have a special corner or area with REuse things, a corner which can attract new customers to the store, when the price is lowered ..

The main point would be that things have a "second rate", such as cars, boats and houses has today. So the customers can consume things to different types of events, and after the party or camping trip, they can get some money for it instead of having a lot of junk in their house! The customers can see that things are worth money even if they are little used, in a much simpler way than today, where you have to be active in searching for and advertising for both old and "cheaper" stuff.

If the company REuse would start and get a bigger venue, it can change the world a little bit for the better. We can still have a high consumption, but it becomes a different type. And it's good for the environment, shops, and us.

Since there were things we wanted to have, right? We never believed that they must be cheap and bad for the environment? Good quality and longevity will be the next thing for many stores. And it can lead to increased consumption, because money can recycle also. The only loss is for customers who wants new things, but it is their choice (it can also be a slogan .. REuse, it's up to you how to choose) and they can acually buy more with less money even if things would be more expensive, because of the oportunity to "give it back". So even small stuff can be handle with care, when they have a value even after they left the store and the price paper taken off. The company REuse, shops, customers and the environment benefits from this system so why not just start reuse?

I made a small scheme to get an overview. Read the image from the people box. Business 1, 2 and 3 may be a hiking shop, HoM and a shoe company. Black lines show the way of things and pink lines, the money flow. Pink lines should also be between company 1,2 and 3 and REuse.

A little summary list of REuse

  • Less garbage

  • Can lead to better usage and handling of products

  • A second value to small stuff like cloths, camping, video games (already have it), constructing market, glasses, bicycles, electric stuff, carpets, furnitures, lamps etc

  • A value in “old crap”

  • Is a company- so its just for the store to buy it “again” from the company

  • Stores get a stronger name- you can get the same brand and stuff but a bit cheaper- reused
    - which can lead new custumers to the store

  • The loss for the custumer “that wants more” gets it back when she/he can sell things easy and not bunker things in their homes

  • The stores will make a profit

  • Can lead to better products, products which last longer

  • The company REuse can be as a brand but instead of being a labeling for good things, it is a profit company too

  • This shape a circular usage instead of a linear

  • Can effect stores to start renting out stuff instead of sell everything

  • A mix of new and "old" in the same store, makes the old stuff more valued than hiding it in a corner of a flea market

Like it? Well, go ahead. Implement it for real. Steal my idea and make it big!

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